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About us

3.14 is the brand founded in 2013, following by the two young creators - Paulina Aksenavičiūtė and Ieva Šimanskytė. The girls began their creative work while studying at Vilnius Academy of Arts costume design department in the second year of their study. Currently the young creators continue studies in master’s degree.

„Our work was inspired by the urban environment and active, vibrant person’s life. Since 2016 our work has been extended with math discipline and from that time we are looking for the creative ideas in math textbooks and formulas. Numbers, formulas, geometric shapes, graphics inspire and encode a certain idea in each and every model of the collection. Math has become our creative basis. Every detail of clothes that we create is constructive and accurately calculated with certain formulas and calculations support.

3.14 clothes are minimalistic, they could be worn both day and night, while having active or a little calmer lifestyle. While creating, designers follow the rule that everything is going on here and now, so they try to bring both, comfort and originality.