Fashion Design is a creative process.

Fashion designers have to know about fashion and trends. They must also be creative. They have to pay for drawing and creating clothing models. The most fashion designers have to understand what people want to wear.

fashion designers are creating clothes for people in various places, for example:
fashion designers watch the latest fashion magazines and go to fashion exhibitions to fashion the ideas, something could create. They also look at what people are wearing on the street or stores. Fashion designers are also trying to figure out what people will want to wear in the future.

When the fashion designer inventes the idea of ​​new design, it draws it on paper. They use a pencil and paper or computer program. Then the designer from the paper or cardboard creates a clothing model. The designer cuts the pattern and test it on the model or dummy. If the clothes are not suitable, the designer has to change the model and try again until it is satisfied with the design.

Fashion designers also have to pay the clothing. They need to know how to cut and sew fabrics. They also need to know how to use machines to sew clothes.

Fashion designers usually work in fashion companies or fashion magazines. They often work in teams with other people who help them create new models. Fashion designers also work independently, creating clothing for those who want to buy customers.
Fashion designers usually have a fashion design or fashion study diploma. Fashion designers who want to work in fashion companies have to pay well to draw and imagine what people want to wear. They also have to know the tissues and the sewing of clothing. Fashion designers who want to work in fashion magazines or create clothing for customers have to pay well for drawing and being creative.

To be a fashion designer, you need to love drawing, sewing, fabrics and fashion. You also need to have good ideas on what people want to wear. Working a fashion designer is very interesting and creative, but also very complex.